Frequently asked questions

The Mobile Airstream bar basic rental starts as simply as renting a tent or tables for your event. Then the options expand from there:

-You can rent the bar alone, hire bartenders, stock the bar and serve your guests. 

-You can choose to have us provide the bar and bartenders. Then you stock the bar, purchase ice, etc..

-You can book us to handle the entire beverage portion of your event. You choose the specific drink package,  provide the number of guests, and we take it from there.  

-We can handle the entire event, food, drinks, structures, music etc..

Weddings, birthdays, festivals, tailgates, corporate, fundraisers, or any event where drinks need to be served. 

The Airstream bar was designed with two independent bartender stations and ample inside space so we can handle very large events, the amount of support staff is what makes the difference.

We have a full liquor license so we can serve liquor, bottled and draft beer, and wine.

Actually we are not limited to beverages at all, you can use the bar trailer for other beverages, candy, baked goods, etc..  Let us know what you have in mind and we can figure out how to make it happen

We use a beverage catering liquor license and we focus on private events, on private property.  Depending on the event, we acquire permits and gather other additional permits on an as-needed basis.  We can’t just pull up to any corner and serve alcoholic drinks, although it would be nice.

We have the ability to be self sufficient, we have water tanks built in for our sinks and the waste water. We have a generator for our power, but we can also hook up to basic 120V power outlets if available. 

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